Wichita Car Shopping Story: Catering to Mom

Solving a Sudden Vehicle Need for Local Business Owner & Mother 

We love helping customers find their perfect car. But we know sometimes, their need goes beyond just upgrading to a new ride. Sometimes they come onto one of our three CarMania Auto Sales Wichita dealership locations in a dire situation. Maybe the car is on its last legs or has completely broken down. For whatever reason, sometimes car shoppers are needing to buy a new vehicle very quickly. 

Of course, our friendly team at CarMania is exactly the people who can get you exactly the vehicle you need just when you need it! 

Paul was the one who shared his mom’s story with us by leaving us a wonderful review on CarMania’s Google page. He told us how his mother ran a local catering business. She needed a van ASAP and came to visit us at CarMania’s downtown location last summer to see if we could help.  

Friendly Team Catering to Your Car Needs 

CarMania has a full team of friendly vehicle experts to help match you with exactly the right vehicle for you. On the day that Paul’s mother came by to shop for her new van, she was able to get the help of one of CarMania’s co-owners and a guy with decades of experience in the industry. He was quickly able to get Paul’s mother an “awesome deal” on a nice new van.

Getting her the wheels she needed right away allowed her to continue running her catering business without missing a beat. 


mom entrepreneur with new van for catering business from CarMania Auto Sales in Wichita

After Paul heard his mother’s story of her excellent experience at one of our Wichita dealerships, Paul was inspired to give us a try! He was also in need of a new vehicle, specifically a new SUV. So, a couple of weeks later, Paul came to CarMania to see if our team could also help him out. 

And of course, CarMania had the perfect SUV that Paul absolutely loved! 

Finding the Perfect Vehicle 

But more than finding the perfect vehicle, we were able to also give Paul a great deal on this vehicle of his dreams. The whole process was smooth and easy. Paul loved the transparency of our process and how we explained what the best car for him would be. 

As Paul puts it, “with so many options out there for purchasing a new car, definitely check out Nick at CarMania. He is patient, honest and genuinely cares about what your needs are concerning a new vehicle. 

He has made me a customer for life! You Rock!!!” 

SUV bought at CarMania Auto Sales in Wichita

Go Car Shopping in Wichita at CarMania Auto Sales! 

If you are in the market for a new vehicle – even if you need to buy one right away – you can count on the helpful and honest team at CarMania Auto Sales. We are the dealership people across Wichita trust for a new car at a great deal!  

With three locations in Wichita, we have a huge selection to choose from and are conveniently located not far from you – and even just a few minutes away from many Kansas towns including Goddard, Maize and Haysville. 

Give us a call and let us know what type of vehicle you are looking for. You can shop our inventory online or visit us at any of our 3 dealerships. 



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