Quick Wichita Oil Change

Get an Affordable Oil Change in our Service Department

CarMania isn’t just the best place in Wichita to buy a car, we are also where you can get a quick and convenient oil change!

In addition to selling new and used cars, CarMania Wichita has a service department that handles many of the regular maintenance and repair needs you will need over the life of your vehicle. One of the most popular services we offer is our oil change service.

Our team of skilled auto repair technicians can quickly get your vehicle’s oil changed. With three locations in central and West Wichita right off major highways or streets, we are your convenient Wichita oil change shop.

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Do You Need an Oil Change?

Other than getting a quality vehicle in good shape, the next best way to ensure your vehicle runs well for a long time is with proper maintenance. Getting an oil change on a proper schedule for your vehicle is about the most importance maintenance task you must do.

Regular maintenance is a smart investment for your vehicle. Paying to have a qualified team of professionals handle your vehicle’s oil change not only means that this important task is handled, but also that you have skilled technicians who will look for and address any other potential items. Little things can start to wear down on a vehicle that is not obvious to most people. It takes skill and experience to spot those issues before they become major problems – and leave you broken down in the middle of Maize Rd.

What Happens if You Skip an Oil Change?

Do not think that because this is a pretty simple and affordable service that an oil change isn’t all that important. It is vital for your vehicle!

Dangers of not getting an oil change include:

  • Engine can overheat
  • Engine parts could rub together and grind down
  • Your car could completely break down


Professional Automotive Service

carmania wichita service department auto repair shopYour vehicle is only as good as its condition. Keep your ride up-to-date and in perfect working order with reliable automotive maintenance here at the CarMania Wichita service center.

Servicing all makes and models, CarMania provides oil changes, tire rotation, detailing, auto body work, and much more, as well as an express lane for those in need of emergency maintenance without an appointment.

The CarMania Auto Sales service department offers its expertise to drivers in our hometown of Wichita, Kansas, as well as those in the greater area of Sedgwick County and beyond, to our neighboring cities of Rose Hill, Derby, Valley Center, Park City, Maize, Andover, Goddard, and more!

Contact us for service by sending us a message online or by calling us at one of our 3 Wichita locations

·         WEST CENTRAL – 316-352-7141

·         WEST KELLOGG – 316-201-1830

·         DOWNTOWN – 316-440-4200

Map of Wichita service departments available at 3 CarMania dealership locations